About us

MELACO sp. z o.o. was founded in 1993 within the site of State Centre of Agricultural Machines in Nowa Sól.

The share capital of the company is entirely in the hands of Polish shareholders. Since its inception, MELACO has been involved in the furniture industry, operating purely as a manufacturer.

Professional qualification of the personnel working for MELACO has always been very important for the management.

Zbigniew Haczkowski - President of the Management Board Dariusz Piotrowski - Vice-President of the Management Board
Zbigniew Haczkowski
of the Management Board
Dariusz Piotrowski
of the Management Board

The production facility and company’s registered office are located in Nowa Sól, on the area of 2 ha, of which production and storage facilities constitute over 5000 m2.

Since its inception, the company invests in cutting-edge technology, expansion of production potential and provides to its clients constant development of production program adapted to current trend and expectations of the final customer.

Company’s registered office
Bird’s eye view at Melaco Company’s registered office


MELACO sp. z o.o.
manufactures high value elements for furniture, delivered to our customers located in Poland and abroad.


The basic technological processes in MELACO consist of: vacuum pressing process, continuous lamination process based on the HOT MELT LAMINATION, technology, constant flattening process with an application of reactive adhesives of PUR HOTMELT type, finished forms production process through formatting, edge banding and CNC machining in accordance with client’s documentation.

Melaco Technology Melaco Technology CNC centre for machining of finished products

HOTMELT_LAMINATION - production of ready boards Line for forms production - input Line for forms production - return

COMPLETE SKIN board warehouse HOTMELT_LAMINATION CS_LINE for production of glossy finishing laths


Our offer is addressed to furniture manufacturers and wholesalers of furniture.

MELACO implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2000.


Today, we can be proud that the MELACO staff consists of responsible, professional and engaged employees. Our human potential allows the company to implement its objectives, develop and satisfy our clients.

Since 1993 furniture and interior design elements producer. MELACO products are recognised among clients in Poland and abroad. Our furniture elements constitute the basis for production of various kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture of renowned manufacturers in Poland and abroad.


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