producent frontów meblowych 3d melaco elementy meblowe 3d


3D furniture fronts and furniture elements

Universal furniture fronts with unique cutters, colours and patterns. Matt or high-gloss finish, resistant to moisture and discolouration.

melafol fronty meblowe

The MELAFOL product line is aimed at manufacturers of kitchen, room, bedroom and bathroom furniture, as well as furniture for children and teenagers, who offer stylish and traditional collections.

Unique cutters, colors and patterns

3D MELAFOL fronts and furniture elements offer wide possibilities related to decorations in the furniture industry, thanks to which every manufacturer can create furniture with fronts with the most sophisticated appearance and an interesting three-dimensional effect. Geometric pattern, wavy ridges, honeycomb structure – the possibilities are endless.

In addition to very precise, carefully made cutters, it is worth emphasizing the care for appropriate materials that extend the durability of the created fronts. One-sided laminated MDF boards are used for their production, depending on the customer’s expectations. In terms of formaldehyde emission, MDF boards meet the requirements of DIN EN 16516. Each form is veneered in the process of vacuum pressing with high-quality polymer films in many fashionable colours. The machining process ensures a perfect finish of the product in three planes.

producent frontów meblowych 3d melaco elementy meblowe 3d
producent frontów meblowych 3d melaco elementy meblowe 3d

The parameters of the production process are controlled at every stage. The materials and technologies used ensure the fulfillment of critical requirements, including in terms of thermal resistance, min. 70⁰C. MDF boards, as well as adhesives and foils used in the production of MELAFOL 3D fronts and furniture elements have all the necessary approvals and certificates. They are recognized both in Poland and abroad, which means that MELAFOL products can also be used by companies selling outside the country.

Fronty meblowe MELAFOL
Fronty meblowe MELAFOL

MELAFOL – 3D furniture fronts and furniture elements

The MELAFOL collection includes furniture elements with stylish milling that give the furniture a unique character. The proposed patterns and milling methods allow you to achieve various effects – from delicate, modest grooves associated with the Scandinavian or minimalist style to deep, rich cutters typical for traditional and rustic furniture. In combination with a wide range of colors and motifs, MELAFOL fronts and furniture elements provide great arrangement possibilities.

fronty meblowe 3d producent melafol
Trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe. Poznaj możliwości wykończenia MELAFOL
fronty meblowe frezowane melafol
fronty meblowe 3d producent melafol

Main advantages:

  • fashionable design
  • high aesthetics and precision of workmanship
  • controlled product quality
  • implementation within the scope of own production program or on the basis of client’s documentation
producent frontów meblowych 3d melaco elementy meblowe 3d
frezowane fronty meblowe melafol

Base material:

  • MDF DIN EN 16516 FSC®


  • polymer film
  • PREMIER MATT surface, super matt, high gloss, wood and stone structures
  • warehouse offer and bespoke offer in the production program of our suppliers


  • fronts for kitchen and bathroom furniture
  • table tops
  • fronts and elements of furniture for rooms, bedrooms, children’s and teenagers’ furniture
  • fronts and table tops for office furniture
  • other furniture elements for the room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office and children’s and teenagers’ furniture
Fronty meblowe: matowe, z połyskiem, frezowane. Poznaj możliwości Melaco

Technical parameters

MELAFOL 3D fronts and furniture elements
Base material MDF
Thickness of the base plate [mm] 6-28
Film thickness [mm] 0.35-0.60
Surface finish PVC, PET
Adhesive system two-component PUR dispersion
Thermal resistance [ºC] ≥70
Dimensions of elements [mm] 60 < B < 1000
250 < H < 2300
melafol blaty do stołu melaco
melafol blaty do stołu melaco

Sustainable development in line with the European Green Deal strategy

We care for the natural environment. We implement procedures for recycling the material that will be reprocessed into a product at the manufacturer’s. In this way, we also reduce the carbon footprint, in line with the European Union’s strategy of climate neutrality ph. ‘Green Deal’.

The 3D MELAFOL fronts and furniture elements offered by us are manufactured to the customer’s order from FSC® certified wood-based panels.

The Forest Stwardship Council® is an international non-governmental organization promoting the environmentally correct, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forest resources.

fronty meblowe wysoki połysk MAGIC GLOSS Melaco

High gloss furniture fronts


We offer MELAFOL products in a high gloss finish – MAGIC GLOSS, resistant to moisture and discolouration.

High gloss fronts and furniture elements

We offer the products of the MELAFOL line in a high gloss finish – MAGIC GLOSS. It is characterized by modern design and above-average durability. High gloss furniture fronts are resistant to moisture, stains and UV rays, thanks to which they do not discolour during use. Their great advantage is that they are easy to care for and keep clean. The offer is addressed to both furniture manufacturers and wholesalers of materials for the production of furniture and interior design.

MAGIC GLOSS furniture fronts are made on the basis of the vacuum pressing technology, during which the MDF board is covered with a PVC or PET foil secured with a protective foil. As standard, the left side is finished with a melamine layer.


MAGIC GLOSS furniture fronts are available in patterns and colours presented in the catalog of standard patterns. Custom themes can be supplied on request. Our offer includes a specialist ULTRA GLOSS care agent suitable for high gloss elements. Do you want to order a sampler? Please contact our sales representative.

producent frontów meblowych 3d melaco elementy meblowe 3d wysoki połysk magic gloss
producent frontów meblowych 3d melaco elementy meblowe 3d wysoki połysk magic gloss


Technical conditions for Melaco products

The MELAFOL, MAGIC GLOSS product line

Product sheet

3D MELAFOL Fronts and furniture elements

Trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe. Poznaj możliwości wykończenia MELAFOL


Discover the advantages of our products

Use the MELAFOL line to produce your own unique furniture or furniture elements. Contact us and find out about the possibilities that our production plant offers.

We have prepared a catalog of standard patterns and colours. If you are interested in non-standard finishes, we can provide samples within 14 days.


MULTIFORM allows the same material to be used in the production of different components using different technological processes without having to search for equivalents on the market. It is a product line that guarantees a uniform appearance of all components.



Ribbons and boards used in the production of furniture, cabinets, doors and large components. Due to its versatility, COMPLETE SKIN is one of the most popular product lines chosen by leading furniture manufacturers and interior designers.



Furniture forms based on COMPLETE SKIN flat-pressed board or on double-sided COMPLETE SKIN postforming ribbons with the use of dedicated 0.3-2.0 mm edges and HOTMELT PUR adhesives.



Tops used in bathroom furniture as wash-basin tops. Made in COMPLETE SKIN technology - postforming. The elements are characterized by precision and high resistance to moisture. The product line is addressed mainly to furniture factories.



Narrow elements with a maximum width of up to 250 mm manufactured in flattening technologies with the application of HOTMELT PUR adhesives. Strips, panels and profiles are available in colours, patterns and textures from the COMPLETE SKIN offer.



Panels are an innovative alternative to tiles in the kitchen with high resistance to moisture and heat. Their advantage is the way they are assembled - the click connection ensures that they always adhere perfectly to each other, and the whole process runs quickly and without problems.


Do you have questions? Contact us.

We will be pleased to answer all questions about MELACO’s offer, terms of cooperation and orders. Write or call us.


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