How the RIBBON collection for the VOX company was created. Interview with designer Joanna Leciejewska

12 May 2021

The RIBBON collection is an innovative product on the furniture market. It has won the most important and prestigious awards in the industry since its first presentation at national events. We had the pleasure to co-create it with the VOX company and the originator of this solution, Joanna Leciejewska, who agreed to talk about our cooperation. How was this amazing product created? What makes it so innovative and popular? Find out.

29 years in Melaco. An interview with Dariusz Hańczyk

27 April 2021

Dariusz Hańczyk is the operator of our production line, working in our plant almost over 20 years. He knows Melaco perfectly and fluently handles machines and technological processes. What, in his opinion, is the most important thing in his job?

Flick&Click™ 45° vs CORNER 90 – technological possibilities of both solutions for furniture manufacturers

21 April 2021

We develop the Flick&Click™ technology for furniture manufacturers and their customers who value comfort and aesthetic solutions. We started with a 45° connection, and a few weeks ago we implemented the new CORNER 90 connection. How can this technology be used by furniture manufacturers? Discover the greatest advantages of our connections.

HOT MELT LAMINATION technology – for durable furniture

14 April 2021

HOT MELT LAMINATION is a modern technology for the production of furniture boards and strips. What is it and what are its advantages?

Furniture fronts: matt, glossy, milled. Explore the possibilities of Melaco

24 March 2021

For over 28 years, we have specialized in the production of solid and carefully finished furniture fronts for furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and interior designers. All this so that end customers can enjoy durable furniture, ideally suited to their interior. Find out more about our technologies and the possibilities they offer.

ELEMENTS line by RENOLIT: Interiors inspired by nature

17 March 2021

RENOLIT is our trusted, long-term partner. Its specialists devote a lot of attention to searching for new inspirations, analyzing trends and indicating colours that meet the needs of consumers. In their Elements palette, they highlight a return to nature, sensuality and vitality.

CORNER 90 connection – the next stage in the development of Flick&Click™ technology

1 March 2021

The success of our modular furniture with tool-free assembly motivates us to further develop this technology. Check what's new we have offered to furniture manufacturers and join the Melaco affiliate program.

Do you run a furniture board wholesaler? Get to know COMPLETE SKIN boards and become our Partner!

26 February 2021

Universal COMPLETE SKIN furniture boards are the most frequently chosen product in Melaco's offer. For our clients, we have just expanded their color range. Check where their popularity comes from.

COMPLETE SKIN DOOR – How the production process works

COMPLETE SKIN DOOR furniture boards are very popular among furniture manufacturers, and in particular - among producers of kitchen and bathroom furniture. All thanks to the technology we use.

Interior design trends for 2021

27 January 2021

All the trendsetters' forecasts for 2020 failed at the beginning of the year, when the coronavirus locked us at home. There is no doubt, however, that the pandemic changed our perception of home space, and this trend is the most important in the predictions for 2021. What will be the most popular among the choices of organizers and how do Melaco products fit these trends? Read and find out.