Kitchen design – which kitchen fronts to choose?

6 August 2020

Kitchen fronts play a key role in kitchen design. They give it character and determine the style of the interior, so their choice should be well thought out. Are you wondering which type to choose? Find out about the most popular finishing options.

MICRO MILLING™ – the new version of furniture fronts

24 July 2020

Furniture fronts have a huge impact on the final look of the furniture and also on the arrangement of the interior. Are you looking for something really unique that will distinguish your collection from the competition? Check out MICRO MILLING™ technology.

How to arrange a home office? Get to know the Home Office Select collection

15 July 2020

Working from home is becoming a new daily routine for many employees. For companies it means big savings, but the employees face a difficult challenge. How to arrange a home office to support concentration and comfortable work? We have a solution - our latest, elegant Home Office Select collection with Flick&Click™ system.

The 2020 collection by Melaco: new edition of furniture boards

23 May 2020

Even the most solid furniture boards need a beautiful, fashionable finish. At Melaco we regularly prepare new colours, decors and patterns that correspond to the latest interior trends. See the latest products prepared as part of the Spring 2020 collection.