Colour Road 2025. New trends from RENOLIT

8 May 2024

It's time to discover the latest color trends presented by RENOLIT as part of the Colour Road for 2025. We invite you to immerse yourself in a color palette inspired by the beauty of our planet - which, according to the main motto of the campaign, we should all treat as an amazing gift.

MELACO furniture elements for furnishing a child’s room

7 May 2024

Nowadays, creating an exceptional children's room is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also attention to functionality and safety. Melaco furniture elements, thanks to innovative solutions, can be a perfect component for creating interiors for the youngest. What elements are worth paying attention to? Check in the article below.

Flick&Click™ System – a solution for modular home manufacturers

22 April 2024

Modular homes are growing in popularity, and manufacturers around the world see great potential in this industry. Melaco understands this trend very well, which is why we are constantly working to improve our technology. Meet the Flick&Click™ System - our answer to the needs of modular home furniture manufacturers. Discover how our innovative solutions can support the growth of the industry.

Happy Easter!

28 March 2024

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays, we would like to wish you peace, warmth, and success in both professional and private life. May this time be an opportunity to reflect, rest and rejoice in the company of loved ones.

Dining and coffee tables. Melaco solutions for manufacturers

27 March 2024

We are committed to providing our business partners with solutions that enable them to realise their most ambitious projects. We also want to inspire them to explore new possibilities through the use of versatile and modern technologies. Do you make dining tables or coffee tables? See how we can help your business at our manufacturing facility.

A reliable solution for manufacturers. COMPLETE SKIN furniture boards

19 March 2024

Our company focuses on producing excellent and durable solutions for furniture manufacturers. One of them is COMPLETE SKIN furniture boards, which can be a magnificent choice for companies that care about the highest possible quality of components. Designed for a perfect finishing, these innovative furniture boards are an ideal choice for every manufacturer. Get to know COMPLETE SKIN furniture boards from Melaco.

MELAFOL furniture fronts. Latest inspirations

11 March 2024

MELAFOL product line produces fronts, tops, and other furniture elements, distinguished by modern design, durability of workmanship, and attention to detail. Its greatest advantage is the possibility of any profiling, both of the front surface and the board's edge. From minimalist, subtle grooves to deep frets referring to the classic style, each detail gives the pieces a unique character. What makes manufacturers so eager to choose these components, and what possibilities does our MELAFOL product line offer? We invite you to read the article, in which we present some of the latest inspirations created in our plant.

Melaco products at the 2024 furniture fair Meble Polska

1 March 2024

The Meble Polska fair, which takes place in Poznań, is a permanent fixture in our calendar. Every year it brings together representatives of the industry from Poland and abroad, providing an insight into the latest trends in the design and production of contemporary furniture. Among the exhibitors were our partners, who presented their own collections created in collaboration with us. See what products have been created in our factory.

Melaco for manufacturers. Bathroom worktops

21 February 2024

A well-designed bathroom is a place to get ready quickly and efficiently in the morning rush, and to relax in the evening. It must therefore combine functionality with aesthetics, in line with the consumer's lifestyle and tastes. Choosing the right materials to furnish it is therefore crucial. We would like to introduce you to the COMPLETE SKIN TOPS line of bathroom countertops, designed to meet the demanding requirements of this domestic space and to be an integral part of any quality bathroom collection.

Melaco in 2023 and our plans for 2024

1 February 2024

The year 2023 is now behind us, and with it another phase of development and challenges for the furniture industry. During this time, we too have faced dynamic market changes, striving to continue our drive to offer customers even better quality in our products. How have we done this and what do we intend to work on this year? Join us for an interview with Dariusz Piotrowski, Vice President of Melaco, who shares his point of view on the company's achievements, the challenges it has faced and its plans for the future.