25 years in Melaco. The story of our operator, Rafał Śliwiński

11 May 2022

We have had many successes, but a special achievement for us is the presence of long-term employees in our team. One of them is Rafał Śliwiński, who talks about his beginnings in Melaco, what has changed in our company over the past 25 years and reveals what he does after hours.

Create unique furniture collections with Melaco fronts. Get to know our technologies

28 April 2022

We have a modern machine park and experienced staff, thanks to which we are able to implement any furniture collection with unique fronts. From the minimalist, uniform ones - to the most unusual milled ones or with a 3D effect. With shine, mat and supermat surface. See what we can do.

HOME OFFICE – modular furniture for modern interiors

20 April 2022

We support companies from the furniture industry in developing their assortment, but we also inspire them by showing the possibilities of our technologies on our own furniture lines and interior design elements. Here's a reminder of the advantages of our HOME OFFICE modular furniture collection available in retail sale.

Melaco for door manufacturers

8 April 2022

As part of our COMPLETE SKIN production line, we offer high-quality, durable door panels - DOOR SKIN. Check who we are addressing this product to and what we have prepared for our clients.

A flat for investment. How to efficiently finish and equip the interior

4 March 2022

We create interior design products with their users in mind. Simple assembly, universal solutions and functionality are their greatest advantages. Find out for yourself. We present an apartment equipped with our product lines: HOME STORE, HOME OFFICE 4_you and DESIGN SOLUTIONS ™ 4_kitchen.

An example of implementation of the Flick&Click™ system: Furniture modules for the bathroom

16 February 2022

The Flick&Click™ system based on the Threespine® toolless mounting technology has many applications. One of our clients, who produces modular bathrooms, also reached for it. What was the implementation like? We're sharing details of this production process.

Melaco at the BUDMA fair in Poznań

8 February 2022

The BUDMA 2022 International Construction and Architecture Fair was held in Poznań between February 1 and 4. Contractors, architects, representatives of building materials trade, investors and developers met for the 30th time as part of the event. We were also there and prepared a short summary of the trends that appeared at the fair.

The technology of veneering narrow planes and panels in Melaco

31 January 2022

For almost 30 years, we have been supplying our clients with furniture elements and interior design elements. During this time, we have built an advanced technology park, supported by a team of qualified specialists. We have also developed reliable technologies that allow us to create products of excellent quality. Get to know one of them.

DIY kitchen furniture based on a blockboard. How we implemented atypical production for our client

25 January 2022

The Swedish furniture brand Lykkedal creates amazing kitchens and does not shy away from any challenges to meet customer expectations. For its new line of DYI furniture, has decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by our technology park. See the results of this collaboration.

European Green New Deal in Melaco – how we care for the environment

14 January 2022

Investing in ecology pays off. Check out what we are doing to reduce the environmental impact of our production and support sustainable forest management.