Home office with Home Office and Home Store collection. Melaco furniture arranged by an interior designer

27 January 2021

The Home Office and Home Store collections were created to help their users create a comfortable and ergonomic work space at home. See how the possibilities of our modular furniture were used by an interior designer.

How to get out of a pandemic unscathed? Interview with Beata Piotrowska, Deputy Director of Production and Development

20 January 2021

Limit production or work at full speed? Search for contractors or implement our own projects and ideas? Beata Piotrowska, production manager at Melaco, faced these and other questions in the difficult year 2020. What decisions were made by the company and what were their consequences? We invite you to read the interview with Beata Piotrowska, Deputy Director for Production and Development.

How the pandemic motivated us to act – an interview with Dariusz Piotrowski, Vice President of Melaco

29 December 2020

What should we do to operate in troubled and unpredictable times of a pandemic? Roll up our sleeves and start projects that meet the changing needs of customers. This is what we did at Melaco, and we are ending the year with several new product lines and new directions of development. How did it happen? Read the interview with Dariusz Piotrowski, Vice President of the company.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

21 December 2020

At the end of a difficult year, we would like to wish you all the best during Christmas time and the whole 2021.

Unified finish of the apartment – furniture fronts in MELAFOL technology

16 December 2020

How to create a coherent interior thanks to innovative solutions? How to give a home or utility space a unique character? The answer is: MELAFOL technology. See how Katarzyna Fanajło, an architect from Home Design Decor used it in her project.

The Furniture Diamond 2021 for Melaco. Check out our awarded products!

9 December 2020

The furniture industry has to change all the time. This applies to both design and usability, as well as meeting customer expectations - especially when new challenges are presented to them. It is the response to market needs and offering outstanding solutions that are rewarded by the Diamond of Furniture contest. See which Melaco products were awarded with this prestigious title.

We’re hiring. Join us!

25 November 2020

Despite the pandemic, we are not slowing down, accepting and implementing new orders. Our products are becoming more and more popular also among foreign contractors, therefore the moment has come when we decided to enlarge our team. See what positions we are currently filling and what we expect from candidates.

Are you a furniture manufacturer? Prepare for home office with MELACO

16 November 2020

Remote working is getting more and more popular solution used not only in Poland but also all over the world. If you produce furniture, you are surely already thinking about changes in your collections. See how, thanks to the tool-less FLICK&CLICK™ technology, you will make them functional and comfortable for everyone who works remotely.

CORNER 90 – new possibilities of FLICK&CLICK™ technology

6 November 2020

MELACO as a manufacturer of furniture components is famous for its innovative solutions for the furniture industry. We are developing FLICK&CLICK™ tool-free assembly technology with the new CORNER 90 combination. What is it about and why will it revolutionise the idea of modular furniture?

PREMIER MATT – new standard of furniture board finishing

14 October 2020

Furniture with a super-smooth surface without fingerprints, and also resistant to scratches and stains? Now it is possible thanks to the PREMIER MATT foil, which has recently been available in the COMPLETE SKIN and MELAFOL collections. For whom have we prepared it and why is it so special?