Panele dekoracyjne DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen


DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen decorative panels

Design Solutions™ 4_kitchen decorative panels are an innovative alternative to tiles in the kitchen.

DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen is a breakthrough in kitchen design

Design Solutions™ 4_kitchen decorative panels have been created in response to the needs of kitchen designers looking for unconventional solutions. They change the arrangement of the interior, giving it a unique character. Thanks to a wide range of colours you can easily match them to the style of your worktop and kitchen furniture. Additionally, the choice of decorative panels instead of tiles significantly reduces the costs of interior finishing and shortens the time of renovation. Their installation is quick, easy and clean.


In our stock programme you will find carefully selected motifs inspired by stone, concrete, metal and fabric patterns. We have taken care of the smallest details, and each pattern is distinguished by its unique texture. We have also prepared a programme available on an individual order – unusual patterns and panels with increased strength parameters. Would you like a DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen sampler? Contact our sales representative!

Panele dekoracyjne DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen
Panele dekoracyjne DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen

Decorative panels in click technology

The base of the panels is 12 mm thick MDF FSC® board with reduced formaldehyde emission covered with a high-quality polymer film. Thanks to the PUR reactive adhesive used, the decorative panels are characterized by high-quality parameters in terms of resistance to moisture and temperature. Their advantage is the way they are assembled – the click joint ensures that they always fit together perfectly, and the whole process is quick and trouble-free. The boards can be cut to the required size.
DESIGN_SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen offer is mainly addressed to kitchen designers, kitchen studios and wholesalers of materials for the production of furniture and interior design. We direct individual clients to our partners.

Panele dekoracyjne DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen
Panele dekoracyjne DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen
Decorative panels
Base material 12 mm thick MDF FSC® with reduced formaldehyde content
Dimensions BxH [mm] 1300×620 mm
Surface finishing high quality polymer film with a selected pattern 0.15-0.4 mm thick
Edge finishing method silicone or common finishing trims used for ceramic tiles
Installation method assembly glue, aluminum bars
Technology patented click 2G connection technology under license from VALINGE INNOVATIONS AB


Product sheet - DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen

For panel wholesalers and kitchen studios.

Product sheet DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen_b2c 09_21

A version for a retail client distributed in furniture studios and panel wholesalers.

Panele dekoracyjne DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen


DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_kitchen decorative panels are a solution that interior architects and kitchen designers are eager to use, so it is worth adding them to their offer.

We have prepared promotional materials and a display stand for panel samples for our business partners. Contact the Melaco Sales Department and get to know the details of the offer!



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Panels are an innovative alternative to tiles in the kitchen with high resistance to moisture and heat. Their advantage is the way they are assembled - the click connection ensures that they always adhere perfectly to each other, and the whole process runs quickly and without problems.


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