3D product line

Elements for furniture and furnishing are produced on vacuum and membrane presses based on MDF boards and PCV foil. The company specialises in the highest quality products with high gloss finish.

Furniture fronts Furniture fronts

2D product line

Ribbons and boards produced in the continuous technology on the basis of wooden boards and polymeric foils with a hot application of polyurethane adhesives. Modern production technology provides the highest surface quality and efficiency of production. Offered product is very beneficial in terms of value for money, making the finished product very competitive in relation to 3D elements.

Ribbons and boards Front board with aluminium finishing lath Large variety of colors and patterns
Front board with 0.3 mm finishing rim

Since 1993 furniture and interior design elements producer. MELACO products are recognised among clients in Poland and abroad. Our furniture elements constitute the basis for production of various kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture of renowned manufacturers in Poland and abroad.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We inform you that during the New Year's Day, the organization of MELACO's work will look like this:

• Additional working days: 15-12-2018 (Saturday)
• We do not work: 24-12-2018 to 26-12-2018, 31-12-2018 to 01-01-2019
• In the New Year we start from: 02-01-2019

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.