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Remote working is getting more and more popular solution used not only in Poland but also all over the world. If you produce furniture, you are surely already thinking about changes in your collections. See how, thanks to the tool-less FLICK&CLICK™ technology, you will make them functional and comfortable for everyone who works remotely.

As a furniture manufacturer you have an influence on the comfort of your customers

Currently, domestic furniture doesn’t allow for its free arrangement or use. Often the household members working remotely are forced to use the kitchen table or a children’s desk. In the worst case scenario, they can organise their work on a sofa in the living room or a bed in the bedroom. Each of these options has a negative impact on:

  • family relationships – quarrels over space,
  • efficiency – non-ergonomic position and constant dispersion,
  • feeling – growing frustration with the current situation.

The way out of this situation, even in a small area of living, is to find your own area to work. But how to do this when traditional furniture takes up space? Modular furniture comes in handy – a new type of furniture that is just beginning to appear in European furniture shops and is already arousing interest among customers looking for specific solutions to make their work at home easier.

Modular furniture is the furniture industry’s answer to remote working

The modular furniture is easy to fold and unfold (it can be stored “flat”) – this is possible thanks to the tool-less FLICK&CLICK™ assembly technology. Thanks to the universal blocks, the user decides on their arrangement himself. The units can be used as a shelf on a daily basis, and for the duration of the work you only need to change their arrangement and lay down the top – the desk is ready! As a furniture manufacturer you can create your own modular collection. All you need to do is take the technology from MELACO into account in your design.

In order to demonstrate the potential of FLICK&CLICK™ toolless assembly technology, we have created 3 modular collections: HOME OFFICE 4_you, HOME OFFICE Select and HOME STORE, whose possibilities are only limited by the owner’s imagination.

Home Office Select
Home Office Select

Home Office modular furniture

HOME OFFICE furniture modules can be used to build a practical desk, a table, as well as a shelf and a partitioning wall in any configuration. A great advantage of these products is the possibility of their expansion – missing elements can be bought at any time and added to their construction. We divided HOME OFFICE into two collections:

  • Home Office 4_you – The modules are covered with white laminate in a mat, so they fit into literally any room.
  • Home Office Select – The inside of the modules is finished with NATURAL KENDAL OAK polymer film with a synchronous wood structure. On the outside, we used GRAPHITE foil in the PREMIER MATT finish.
Home Office Select biurko
Home Office Select regał
Home Office 4_you regał
Home Office 4_you biurko

Home Office Select is the winner of the Furniture Diamond 2021

The HOME OFFICE Select collection was appreciated by the 2021 Furniture Diamond Competition Jury, awarding it the title of winner in the category work zone – office furniture – premium class. Such a prestigious award proves that the MELACO furniture modules are an innovative solution which will change the furniture industry in Poland and Europe. The Home Office Select modules can also be found in online shops.

Home Store Regał modułowy Melaco

HOME STORE furniture modules

The idea of the HOMESTORE collection is to share open spaces in an aesthetic and practical way. We have created modules that fit into metal frames, which are a functional alternative to unaesthetic dividing walls and dangerous glazing. The modules allow for arranging such a configuration which will be most convenient for the user at a given moment. What is important, these elements were also created with the tool-free FLICK&CLICK™ technology.

What will you gain as a furniture manufacturer from working with MELACO:

  • You will benefit from the experience and knowledge of a furniture component manufacturer with almost 30 years of experience,
  • You will introduce to your offer folding and unfolding furniture made in toolless FLICK&CLICK™ technology,
  • You will be one of the first furniture manufacturers in Poland and Europe to react efficiently to changes in interior design trends,
  • Your customers who work remotely and want to adapt their environment to the new situation, will choose your offer.

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Change it with tool-free FLICK&CLICK™ technology. With click joints you’ll forget about bolts, screws, plugs and complicated installation instructions and your furniture surfaces will be perfectly smooth.

Find out more about the FLICK&CLICK™ technology and contact our sales representative!

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