Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów


SICAM 2023 trade show: an overview of trends

Wondering what new products and innovations dominated the furniture industry this year? SICAM 2023 was a veritable goldmine of inspiration, revealing the direction in which contemporary interior design is heading. From bold colors and textures to innovative finishing technologies and strong ecological accents, in this article we’ll take a closer look at the top trends to keep on your radar. We invite you to read on!

SICAM 2023 Exhibition

SICAM, held in Pordenone from October 17th to 20th, is one of the most important events in the furniture industry. It is characterized by a unique format that makes it special and unique. It is their effectiveness in attracting professionals from all over the world that makes them increasingly popular. Each edition of the fair brings together not only manufacturers, but also interior decorators, architects and designers. The fair is known for its effectiveness in establishing business contacts and is an ideal place for furniture companies to place orders for the next season.

Trends in the furniture industry at SICAM 2023

It’s also a great opportunity to take a look at the prevailing trends, and we went to this year’s event with that in mind. Where is interior design heading? Here’s what we learned.

Bold, expressive colors and textures

One of the most noticeable trends at SICAM 2023 was bold, expressive colors and textures. Manufacturers are increasingly moving away from traditional, muted colors to more bold colors and color combinations. However, they are not only combining colors, but also structures – expressive, decorative floral motifs with smooth matte surfaces, geometric patterns in gloss with an equally glossy contrasting color.

Among these proposals, there is no shortage of wood textures. One of the most versatile and appreciated materials in the furniture industry, it still maintains its dominant position. It blends wonderfully with pastel colors, adding warmth and naturalness to furniture and creating original proposals for consumers.

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Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

Postforming ribbons for cabinet fronts with profiled edges

A product that deserves attention for its timelessness are the postforming ribbons used in the exhibitor’s proposal as cabinet fronts. Profiled edges add to their elegance and definitely enhance their aesthetic value, enriching them with a careful finish. What’s more, the manufacturer used an eco-friendly material with a boucle fabric structure. This choice of material not only underscores the commitment to sustainability, but also adds an element of luxury and coziness to the furniture.

Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

The growing influence of gold

Once considered primarily an accessory, gold is becoming the dominant color in furniture and trim. It is a bold yet elegant choice that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to interiors. Recipients appreciate this color for its ability to enliven an interior, as well as the very wide range of possibilities when it comes to juxtaposing it with other colors.

Melaco, always at the forefront of the latest trends, has expanded its range to include metallic panels in brushed gold. This is a great way to introduce this luxurious accent in a variety of projects, from room furniture to interior trim.

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Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

Frame fronts

Frame fronts are an innovative trend in furniture design, which involves the use of partially filled structures. It is a response to the growing need for freshness and modernity in interior design.

This is a very interesting proposition for consumers who focus on minimalism, but do not want to give up showy and originality. Despite their simplicity, frame fronts are extremely functional and can be applied to different types of furniture.

Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

Schattdecor with universal colour palette

Melaco partner Schattdecor’s stand at SICAM 2023 made a big impression with its universal colour palette and innovative structures. At Melaco, we appreciate the brand’s solutions and are keen to enrich our range with them. An example of this is the STAR DUST collection of furniture panels with a matt effect and a stardust structure, using an innovative PET laminate supplied by our partner.

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Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

Innovative technologies for surface structuring

Floral and geometric motifs continue to dominate the surface structuring of fronts and furniture boards. They are versatile and fit easily into a variety of interior styles, from classic to modern. At SICAM 2023, however, manufacturers showed that they are not afraid of more daring solutions. In the products presented, they not only referred to well-known and proven motifs, but also reached for new, innovative structures that bring freshness and originality to furniture design.

One of the most fascinating trends is the combination of different structures in a single product. For example, smooth surfaces are being juxtaposed with two or three different structures, creating unobvious but very striking combinations.

More and more manufacturers are choosing to experiment with structures, resulting in really interesting and unobvious combinations. This shows that the furniture industry is open to innovation and is not afraid of challenges, hoping that this diversity and uniqueness will be appreciated by demanding consumers.

Slat wall structure: a trend that is not going away

Slat wall structure is a trend that has been on the market for several years now and its popularity is constantly growing. Fronts and furniture boards with a slat wall effect are gaining more and more supporters, both among individual customers and interior designers. Their biggest advantage is that they can add variety and character to an interior in a very simple way.

In Melaco, fronts with this structure are available as part of the MELAFOL production line. This is another proof that the company is up to date with the latest trends and tries to make the most of them to meet the expectations of the furniture market.

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Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

Micro Milling™ technology: new possibilities in design

Micro Milling™ makes it possible to apply the selected pattern to different colour variations of the surface, which opens up completely new design possibilities for manufacturers. No wonder they are increasingly turning to this solution and presenting it at trade fairs.

This technology allows the creation of unique, customised solutions that stand out from competing products. Its strengths lie in the precise computer technology that allows the most complex designs to be realised.

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Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów

Natural textures and strong environmental influences

SCHAT, a technology leader in furniture papers and films, impressed in turn with a collection that refers to natural textures. The range included products imitating wood, concrete, rattan and marble, demonstrating an understanding of and adaptation to current trends in interior design.

It also confirms the fact that ecology in furniture and design is no longer just a passing fad, but a permanent and strong trend. It is a response to society’s growing environmental awareness and the need to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Targi SICAM 2023. Przegląd trendów
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