diament meblarstwa 2021 home office select melaco wielofunkcyjne meble modułowe

The Furniture Diamond 2021 for Melaco.

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The furniture industry has to change all the time. This applies to both design and usability, as well as meeting customer expectations – especially when new challenges are presented to them. It is the response to market needs and offering outstanding solutions that are rewarded by the Diamond of Furniture contest. See which Melaco products were awarded with this prestigious title.

diament meblarstwa 2021

The Furniture Diamond

What this award means to us?

The aim of the Diamond of Furniture contest is “to select the best products in the furniture and interior design industry in terms of design, technology, innovation and functionality.”

At Melaco, we have been combining modern solutions with multifunctionality for years, trying to respond to the needs of users. We work with interior architects, furniture designers, manufacturers and wholesalers, thanks to which we have a very close contact with the industry and we can keep track of customer expectations.

In this year’s competition, we decided to submit our latest products, which are already very popular due to their innovation:

  • Multifunctional modular Home Office SELECT furniture
  • Modern DESIGN SOLUTIONS ™ 4_kitchen decorative wall panels

The jury decided to award the first solution – Home Office SELECT with the title of the Furniture Diamond. It is a great honor for us and a proof that our efforts to provide high-quality, innovative products are noticed. Get to know our products better.

Home Office SELECT – a tailor-made office

Adequate space for remote work is a particularly important place. It must be functional, comfortable and tailored to a specific profession. But how can it be achieved when you only have a few square meters available? The answer is Home Office SELECT modular furniture. This line consist of individual segments, so thanks to them you can create, among others:

  • a comfortable desk,
  • table,
  • bookcase,
  • shelf,
  • partition wall,
  • computer stand,
  • wide top.
diament meblarstwa 2021 home office select melaco wielofunkcyjne meble modułowe
diament meblarstwa 2021 home office select melaco wielofunkcyjne meble modułowe

All elements can be freely combined, so nothing prevents you from creating both high constructions up to the ceiling and a minimalistic corner for work or study. It is a solution that is useful in every home and apartment – regardless of the available space.

Modules from the Home Office SELECT series are coated with a matte polymer film, which is highly resistant to physical damage and dirt. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the furniture – even if it is folded and unfolded many times – will survive unchanged for many years. How does the assembly of such segments look like?

diament meblarstwa 2021 home office select melaco wielofunkcyjne meble modułowe
diament meblarstwa 2021 home office select melaco wielofunkcyjne meble modułowe

Innovative Flick&Click technology

Self-assembly of furniture is associated with enormous effort and hard work, which could be ruined by one wrong screw. With Home Office SELECT and other modular furniture lines using Flick&Click technology, this problem completely disappears. No tools are needed to assemble the furniture, and the whole process consists only of pressing the appropriate joints.

diament meblarstwa 2021 home office select melaco wielofunkcyjne meble modułowe

The Flick&Click system is not only easy to install, but also aesthetic. The furniture is stable and solid, despite the fact that no screws, dowels or nails are used in it. The outer parts are perfectly smooth – since there are no screws, you do not need to use plugs or other covers. This is one of the reasons why Home Office SELECT has so many applications – each part of the segment can be used as a worktop, shelf or partition.

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Award-nominated DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ Panels

The Furniture Diamond is a competition that has been held since 2006. In this year’s edition, the main prize in the office furniture category was won by Home Office SELECT. Our DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ decorative panels were nominated for the kitchen section.

An alternative to traditional tiles


The great advantage of our decorative panels is that the assembly is very efficient – unlike traditional tiles, they can be easily cut, and the “click” connection not only speeds up the work, but also makes the panels look very elegant and modern.

You can read more about our panels in the post: DESIGN SOLUTIONS ™ decorative panels – a solution that kitchen designers have been waiting for

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