Technologia na click - na czym polega?


Click technology - what is it?

No tools, no screws, no pins. Click technology is an innovative method of joining elements that is conquering the furniture industry. It has already been appreciated by some of the largest furniture manufacturers in Poland, and Melaco’s original products, in which we use click technology, are beginning to appear in online shops. See what its innovativeness is all about.

Click technology means tool-free assembly

The main idea behind the patented click technology is to make it easy to assemble furniture without using tools. It facilitates their assembly and gives them a much more attractive look – no pins or screws means no visible holes and thus no plugs that can fall off over time. We have divided the assembly in two ways:

  • The furniture has a 5G mechanical connection in four corners,
  • The 5G mechanical connection is located in one corner and the others are joined by means of folding with adhesive.

In the FLICK&CLICK™ technology we produce furniture collections for customers, furniture bodies, drawer elements and furniture legs. We use different types of finishes depending on customer preferences. We have also prepared our own offer of products made in click technology, which we offer to furniture manufacturers, online shops, wholesalers of materials and accessories for interior finishing, furniture and interior designers and kitchen studios. Get to know the Home Office modules, Home Store set and Design Solutions™ 4_kitchen decorative panels.

Technologia na click - na czym polega?
Technologia na click - na czym polega?

Multifunctional Home Office modules

Universal Home Office modules are the answer to post-pandemic reality. The social distance has verified the existing work model and although many companies have found themselves in home office mode, their employees have often encountered difficulties in organising their workplace. Limited space and standard furniture fulfilling only one function did not facilitate this task.

This is how the idea of Home Office modules was born, which can be freely set up and moved. They can be used to build a shelf, a desk, a table or a dividing wall tailored to the owner’s needs. You can buy a block and expand the set at any time.

We divided the Home Office modules into two collections: Select and 4_you. Home Office Select is a premium version finished in two colours and with elegantly profiled front edges. Home Office 4_you are minimalist solids covered with matt white laminate. In both collections we use 16 mm thick MDF board with reduced formaldehyde content and with the FSC® certificate.

Regał Home Office Select Melaco
Biurko Home Office Select Melaco

Industrial Home Store set

In the Home Store programme we offer 3 dimensions of units and 4 dimensions of shelves and metal racks available in 3 sizes. The whole can be freely configured, creating a designer shelf or a dividing wall in an industrial style.

Home Store is offered as a set (offer directed to online shops) and as independent units matching the racks available on the market (complementary offer for furniture wholesalers already having them in their assortment). Similarly to Home Office modules we have made the Home Store units in click technology, but we have used COMPLETE SKIN ribbon with POSTFORMING edge profiled with R4 radius. The products are available in two colour versions to choose from.We offer a combination of graphite colour with super-matt finish on one side and oak veneer on the other.

Zestaw HOME STORE Melaco
Zestaw HOME STORE Melaco

Design Solutions™ 4_kitchen decorative panels joined at a click

An absolute novelty in the furniture and kitchen industry. Design Solutions™ 4_kitchen decorative panels are an alternative to classic tiles between cabinets. The surface of the panels is covered with a durable foil with a motif inspired by concrete, stone, metal and fabric patterns. Due to their attractive appearance, interior architects are keen to use Design Solutions™ panels also in lounge and bedroom designs. Apart from the visual effect, their great advantage is quick and clean installation. Thanks to click technology, the connections between the decorative panels are barely visible.

Panele dekoracyjne Design Solutions™ Melaco
Panele dekoracyjne Design Solutions™ Melaco


Melaco’s B2B offer is mainly addressed to representatives of the furniture industry and online furniture shops. Why is it worth cooperating with us? Since 1993 we have been manufacturing furniture components for Polish and foreign brands. We are famous for on-time delivery and high quality prefabricated products.Our partners are the first to learn about innovative ideas, which they are willing to introduce to their offer. By cooperating with Melaco, you will stand out from the competition with quality and technology.

Call us, write or fill in the contact form! Melaco consultants will introduce you to our range of possibilities and send you a sample of the materials and patterns used.

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