Melaco od strony finansowej. Rozmowa z Główną Księgową, Anetą Wisłocką


Melaco on the financial side. An interview with the Chief Accountant, Aneta Wisłocka

Aneta Wisłocka has been with us for over 25 years and knows every nook and cranny of the company as she deals with accounting. She observed the changes that were taking place in our plant over the last 25 years and that was the main subject of this conversation. Check it out.

What are the responsibilities of the Chief Accountant at Melaco? What is your typical working day like?

I start my working day with bank statements, because first you need to check how the finances look like in the company. Later, throughout the day, I process all the documents that I receive, i.e. purchase and sales invoices, all other matters related to finances.

As a person who deals with finances, you certainly see the changes influenced by the pandemic. Has Melaco been affected by them?

Of course, it shows in the documents and statistics. Maybe not so much in the number of documents, because that didn’t change, but in the values ​​that appear on them (laughs).

So the prices are going up?


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In such a position, meticulousness and accuracy are certainly necessary, which helps at work every day. On the other hand, what is the most difficult challenge for an accountant?

Yes, meticulousness is of course the basis in accounting, but in fact it is not always enough. When it comes to challenges, I will say the same thing that any accountant would, that it’s the constant changes in regulations, new additional tax obligations introduced that makes this work more complicated. This is the greatest challenge that requires constant updating of knowledge and training.

The regulations have probably changed many times over the past 25 years, and what about the development of Melaco during this time? Has it changed a lot since you started working here?

Yes, the company has definitely changed. First of all, the office space has increased and we have expanded. At the same time, the range of our products was constantly developing, they became more and more interesting, we started to use better materials, our products gained the possibility of being used in various furniture and equipment.

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All this is, of course, the result of the expansion and improvement of our machine park, as well as investments carried out in production halls. I can only look at it only from the financial point of view in terms of investment and related returns and profits since I am not a technician.

Now, a slightly less serious question. Are there any tasks in the work of an accountant that are exciting? Do you have any of your favorite duties that you approach with great enthusiasm? Payment transfers for employees, goods entry, supplier settlement?

All of these lead to the final that I particularly like, which is the preparation of financial statements.

Isn’t this a boring job?

I don’t consider it in terms of boring or not. It’s just that if in the end everything is fine, there are no problems, no bugs, we don’t have to look for errors, then it’s a good summary of the month and a summary of my work. Because everything I do ultimately affects this report.

It is good when payments are made on time, when contact with contractors is pleasant, when we don’t have any problems, we don’t get on each other’s nerves (laughs). New matters also come in and I have to make some new declarations, acquire new knowledge. So if I manage to figure it all out and do it right, then that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

In that case, we wish you only satisfying financial statements. Thanks for the interview.

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