Płyty meblowe i wstęgi meblowe COMPLETE SKIN. Jak wygląda proces produkcyjny?


COMPLETE SKIN boards and ribbons. What does the production process look like?

Our COMPLETE SKIN boards and ribbons are very popular due to their exceptional durability and precision of finish. They are also widely used among manufacturers of modern furniture. How are they made? Get to know our production processes.


In terms of production, COMPLETE SKIN boards are definitely a less complicated product, created in a repeatable production cycle. We start the production order after receiving information from the customer which type of board is to be processed:

  • MDF board raw and laminated on one side FSC® with reduced formaldehyde emission DIN EN 16516;
  • raw and double-sided laminated chipboard FSC® with reduced formaldehyde emission DIN EN 16516.

Then the type of foil is defined. The customer can choose the pattern available in our production program or choose a different, more innovative one, which we will import from our suppliers. The polymer films we use are of high quality and durability. Thanks to the gluing process with the use of PUR HOTMELT adhesives, we provide them with additional resistance to damage, as well as resistance to moisture and elevated temperatures.

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Remember to ask about the full range of available designs and colours. We offer films with a thickness of 0.12-0.5 mm, both standard and innovative films with interesting structures and patterns.

Before the board is covered with foil, it is prepared and cut to the dimensions that were ordered. The foil is applied to the plate automatically in the HOT MELT LAMINATION process, which ensures an excellent quality of surface finish. You can read more about this technology in the post: HOT MELT LAMINATION technology for durable furniture.

We offer our clients the possibility of covering in 2D technology with the simultaneous covering of the surface and narrow surfaces in the POSTFORMING technology.

Find out more about the production stages of COMPLETE SKIN products in the post: COMPLETE SKIN DOOR – the production process.

Płyty meblowe i wstęgi meblowe COMPLETE SKIN. Jak wygląda proces produkcyjny?
Płyty meblowe i wstęgi meblowe COMPLETE SKIN. Jak wygląda proces produkcyjny?


In the production of the COMPLETE SKIN_POSTFORMING ribbon, in addition to the type of board and foil, the width of the ribbon is defined, as well as the edge profiling method – the radius from R2 to R65 mm.

The selected board is machined on a sizing and tenoning machine. Depending on the edge profiling method, the board can be processed with one cutting head or with multiple cutting heads. In the case of working with many heads, the process requires a lot of experience from the operator and very precise setting of all processing units. Before series production is started, measurements are made on special tools, such as, among others, a measuring projector.

The process of setting up the production line for the POSTFORMING ribbons is more time-consuming. In our plant, we use a production line provided by the world leader in profiling machines, Barberan – says Beata Piotrowska, Deputy Director of Production and Development. – Devices of this brand are used for profiling COMPLETE SKIN ribbons, but we also have a smaller line for coating strips. However, this process is not fully automated and each element at the production preparation stage must be set by the operator. Based on the operator’s knowledge and experience, he or she has to prepare the line for the production task. Each adjustment of the profile, each change of the width and the arrangement of the rollers also requires attention – so that the roll presses the material at the right point each time.

It is also necessary to adjust the device to the width of the web, and the width will vary depending on the intended use of the product. The ribbon production process requires a multi-stage approach, constant control of each stage, working with measuring tools and a template that helps to verify dimensions, correct machine settings and apply changes during production.

COMPLETE SKIN_POSTFORMING ribbons are products with various dimensional parameters, colours and surface structure, which are delivered to the customer in full length or in processed form – formatted to the net length with narrow transverse planes covered.

Płyty meblowe i wstęgi meblowe COMPLETE SKIN. Jak wygląda proces produkcyjny?
Płyty meblowe i wstęgi meblowe COMPLETE SKIN. Jak wygląda proces produkcyjny?
Płyty meblowe i wstęgi meblowe COMPLETE SKIN. Jak wygląda proces produkcyjny?


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