Melaco na targach M.O.W. Poznaj nasze innowacyjne produkty


Melaco at the M.O.W. Get to know our innovative products

From 19 to 23 September, the Messezentrum Bad Salzuflen in Germany hosted an important trade fair for the furniture industry, organized by the M.O.W. – die Messe fürs Möbelbusiness. Their participants had the opportunity to see the collections made in the Melaco plant using our proprietary technologies presented by our partners. Check what trends furniture and interior decoration manufacturers offer to their customers.

About M.O.W.

M.O.W. – die Messe fürs Möbelbusines trade is organized each year and for many years it has been an important platform enabling the presentation and tracking of trends dominating on the European furniture market. The event brings together both regular suppliers and new players, offering an interesting approach to interior design. There are associations, chain stores, online stores, DIY stores and other entities related to the industry.

At the M.O.W. everyone will find what he or she is looking for – furniture for all distribution channels, all price classes and all living areas – the organizers say. – The offer includes all assortments from conventional to self-service, among these individual pieces of furniture and systems as well as sales-boosting products for brochures, advertising and special offers, dropshipping, own brands and exclusive models.

This is an event worth attending and we are glad that some of the products produced in our plant were also among the exhibited collections. What exactly could the visitors see?


Multifunctional panels made in COMPLETE SKIN is a proposition for interiors with character. Their surface is covered with a two-color foil in white and black. We obtained the refinement in the form of an intriguing decor thanks to the use of MICRO MILLING technology.

Melaco na targach M.O.W. Poznaj nasze innowacyjne produkty

Cabinets above the sink with MIRROR foil

Bathroom cabinets with a mirror effect are a functional solution for this important home room. They provide additional storage space, can successfully replace a mirror, and optically enlarge the space.

The sides of the cabinets shown in the photo below have a MIRROR finish. In this way, they gained a stylish look that matches the fronts. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, PUR glue and our reliable HOT MELT LAMINATION technology, the sides are resistant to moisture, being a durable and functional element of bathroom equipment.

Melaco na targach M.O.W. Poznaj nasze innowacyjne produkty

Showcases and chests of drawers with SUPER MATT fronts

Unique combinations deserve the best exposure. Such a harmonious duo certainly make natural wood and the warm color of cashmere. For the following collection, furniture fronts covered with KASCHMIR foil with a stylish SUPER MATT finish were made.

PREMIER MATT foil is a new standard of finishing furniture boards that we make available to our partners. It offers an unusually deep matt effect with a light reflectance of 2-3. The surface of the plate is easy to clean and extremely smooth. Consumers are attracted by the anti-fingerprint effect that protects the surface of the furniture against fingerprints. The innovative PST (Physical Surface Treatment) technology provides them with extraordinary durability.

Find out more about our product: Vacuum technology in the production of PREMIER MATT fronts

Melaco na targach M.O.W. Poznaj nasze innowacyjne produkty

Stylish MARBLE CARRERA coffee tables

Marble is a fashionable element of interior design. It fits both luxurious interiors and modern, minimalist apartments. No wonder that the MARBLE CARRERA pattern is so popular.

The tops covered with foil in the HOT MELT LAMINATION technology offer high durability, the already mentioned resistance to moisture, as well as resistance to elevated temperatures. It’s worth paying attention to the stylish edge finish MELAFOL, which increased the aesthetic value of the tables. Rounded corners are also a solution willingly chosen by parents as it is safer for the youngest members of the household.

Melaco na targach M.O.W. Poznaj nasze innowacyjne produkty

COMPLETE SKIN DOOR - Jak przebiega proces produkcji


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