Nowość dla architektów wnętrz: moduły meblowe HOME STORE


New for interior designers: HOME STORE furniture modules

HOME STORE furniture modules are MELACO’s response to the changes in the interior industry caused by the pandemic. What is unique about them and why are they of particular interest to interior designers? Discover their potential!

Functionality and aesthetics

HOME STORE furniture modules are a set of blocks and shelves available in several sizes with optional metal racks. Its potential will appeal to interior designers in particular. Why? A great advantage of HOME STORE is its versatility. The set works well not only in the home space but also in the office. The whole can be freely set up and changed, adjusting it to the size or character of the room. If necessary, the structure can be extended with additional modules and a metal frame.

HOME STORE facilitates the organisation of the space and is also a visually attractive element. As in every MELACO project, we have placed a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of the modules. Each block and shelf is available in two colour versions to choose from: in WOLFRAM GREY in supermatt finish and in the OAK ENDGRAIN design, inside or outside.

Nowość dla architektów wnętrz: moduły meblowe HOME STORE
Nowość dla architektów wnętrz: moduły meblowe HOME STORE
Nowość dla architektów wnętrz: moduły meblowe HOME STORE

HOME STORE is another project in click technology

We made HOME STORE furniture modules in tool-free FLICK&CLICK™ technology. It is a quick and economical way of snap-on assembly. To assemble a piece of furniture you do not need any dowels, screws or glue. Just connect the elements together and you’re done! The surface of the modules is perfectly smooth.

FLICK&CLICK™ technology solves the problem of folding furniture which is so annoying and tiresome for customers. That is why well-known furniture manufacturers are already interested in it and the first collections of tool-free folding cabinets, desks and shelves are appearing on the market.

Do you design furniture? Expand your offer and choose FLICK&CLICK™ technology!

Connect HOME STORE with HOME OFFICE furniture

Both collections are MELACO’s response to changes in the interior design industry, in which furniture stops playing just one role. Now their task is to adapt to the owner’s needs, especially when they often change their place of residence or require efficient adaptation of space for work or rest.

Therefore, if you are looking for complex solutions, combine HOME STORE modules with HOME OFFICE blocks. In this way you will achieve a universal, practical set of furniture, the layout of which can be changed at any time. The modules will create a desk, a table, a shelf, a dividing wall and a coffee table.

Create your HOME OFFICE Select!

Download a product sheet!


Product sheet

Nowość dla architektów wnętrz: moduły meblowe HOME STORE


Do you work in the furniture industry? Let's work together!

The HOME STORE furniture module set is a continuation of the promotion of FLICK&CLICK™ technology. By creating our own designs, we show furniture manufacturers its potential, and interior designers are offered functional solutions in the arrangement of home and office space.

Are you a furniture manufacturer? Do you run a wholesaler of accessories for interior design? Do you design interiors? Contact us! Our sales representative will present you with a full offer of MELACO and solutions which will make your offer even more attractive. Fill in the contact form below!

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