Aranżacja kuchni - jakie fronty kuchenne wybrać?


Kitchen design - which kitchen fronts to choose?

Kitchen fronts play a key role in kitchen design. They give it character and determine the style of the interior, so their choice should be well thought out. Are you wondering which type to choose? Find out about the most popular finishing options.

What are furniture fronts made of?

Although the most noble material used in the production of furniture is wood, the undisputed number one is MDF board. It is a wood-like material distinguished by its durability, resistance to moisture and ease of shaping. The MDF board designed for furniture fronts is usually 16-25 mm thick. On one side it is covered with foil in the chosen pattern, and on the other side with laminate. The board used in Melaco’s production comes from certified sources, so we are FSC® certified. In addition, we use the MDF board with reduced formaldehyde content, which meets the strict DIN EN 16516 standard.

If you want to be sure that your chosen kitchen furniture will serve you for many years, you should not only take into account its look, but also its quality. Remember that furniture fronts, which will work well in the living room, will not necessarily be suitable for the kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen is a specific room where furniture is particularly exposed to moisture, steam and high temperatures. To prevent the veneer from peeling off and the board from getting wet, the components must be properly prepared – pay attention to the type of foil, the adhesive used and the veneering technology. The fronts manufactured in Melaco are tested for thermal resistance and some product lines such as COMPLETE SKIN DOOR are made with PUR glue, which provides the highest resistance to moisture and heat.

Płyty MDF Melaco
Fronty kuchenne MELACO

High-gloss kitchen fronts

High-gloss kitchen fronts are the preferred choice of modern style enthusiasts. They look extremely elegant and give the interior a unique, raw character. They look great in rooms kept in a cool tone. Their great advantage is the reflection of light, thanks to which they brighten and optically enlarge the room. The disadvantage of glossy furniture fronts is the fact that they get dirty quickly and you can see every fingerprint, but their appearance rewards the necessity of frequent cleaning.

MAGIC GLOSS furniture fronts from Melaco are produced in vacuum pressing technology. During this process, the MDF board is covered with PVC or PET foil with a protective film. MAGIC GLOSS and COMPLETE SKIN DOOR furniture fronts are perfect for kitchen arrangements as they are resistant to moisture, stains, discolouration and UV radiation. They are easy to care for and keep clean. We also offer ULTRA GLOSS, a  care product for high-gloss fronts.

Fronty kuchenne MAGIC GLOSS

Matt kitchen fronts

The matt finish looks great both when choosing a single-colour veneer and with a wood theme. Kitchen fronts in the matt fit into warm, spacious interiors. Unlike high gloss fronts, they do not reflect light, which is why many architects and interior designers do not recommend them for small kitchen arrangements. The absence of fingerprints and visible dirt on the matt finish is unfortunately a myth – regardless of the chosen finish, all furniture fronts require regular cleaning.

The popularity of matt kitchen fronts is constantly growing. If you are looking for interesting and fashionable designs, check out the super matt finish patterns offered in MAGIC GLOSS and COMPLETE SKIN collections.

Milled kitchen fronts

Milling is a type of machining where the material takes on the right shape or is decorated with selected patterns. Their diversity makes milled kitchen fronts fit literally every style. Do you like minimalistic finishes? Bet on subtle cuts. Do you prefer traditional furniture associated with the decor of elegant, classic kitchens? Choose deep cutters.

Proof of the potential hidden in the cutters is the original MICRO MILLING™ technology used in Melaco. It is a way of finishing the surface of the front by covering it with a two-colour foil and then milling the top layer. The technology allows to use any pattern, so the possibilities of MICRO MILLING™ are truly unlimited.

The full collection of offered patterns, designs and ways of milling furniture fronts can also be found in the MELAFOL product line addressed to kitchen, room and bathroom furniture manufacturers. We also realise projects according to customer parameters.

Fronty meblowe w technologii MICRO MILLING™
Fronty kuchenne MELAFOL
Próbnik Melaco

The variety of patterns, colours and finishing methods of kitchen fronts gives great arrangement possibilities, thanks to which each project and collection of furniture can be unique. However, what matters is not only their appearance, but also the materials used and the precision of execution.

Are you designing kitchens and looking for a proven manufacturer of furniture fronts? See Melaco’s offer and order a tester!

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