diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco


Melaco with another Furniture Diamond!

On December 6, 2021, at an award gala of the Furniture Diamonds 2022 competition we’ve received a prestigious statuette for 3D furniture fronts from the MELAFOL line. Find out more about our product and the award.

We have been creating Diamonds since 2018

Furniture Diamonds competition is an important event in the furniture industry – it appreciates and rewards innovative, stylish and functional solutions for home and public spaces. An equally important element is the quality and perfect finish, which ensure the furniture durability and a timeless appearance.

Knowing these demanding criteria, we do not hesitate to submit our modern products designed for furniture manufacturers and end consumers to tak part in the plebiscite:

  • In 2018, with the Furniture Diamond was awarded the patented Flick&Click™ joining technology for furniture elements, which eliminates the need to use tools during assembly. The demanding jury liked the aesthetic finish of the furniture that does not require drilling, screws or plugs.
  • In 2021, the award went to our HOME OFFICE Select line – a collection of modular furniture with a very elegant finish and extremely high functionality. We wrote more about this success in here: Furniture Diamond 2021 for Melaco. Check out our award-winning products.

This year, our three-dimensional furniture fronts from the MELAFOL line joined this group. We’ve also entered two other of our products: DESIGN SOLUTIONS™ 4_interior decorative panels, designed for home interiors, and a new version of the Flick&Click™ technology – CORNER90 joining.

Discover all Melaco products, nominated for this year’s edition of the competition: Our products in Diamonds of the Furniture Industry 2022

diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco
diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco

Three-dimensional MELAFOL furniture fronts

This year’s winner delighted the jury with an unusual finish, enriched with wonderful cutters on the surface of the board and on its edges. As a result, the furniture fronts have a truly unique look, such as: honeycomb structure, geometric shapes, wavy protrusions.

Unusual design is one thing – our product is also distinguished by excellent quality. The three-dimensional MELAFOL furniture fronts are resistant to moisture and elevated temperatures, which makes them perfect for the bedroom, living room, toilet or kitchen. They are also extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco
diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco

For the production of fronts, we use single-sided laminated MDF boards with a thickness of 16 to 28 mm. We cover them with high-quality polymer foil in the process of vacuum pressing, which allows for precise covering of the component in three planes. The use of durable PUR glue in the process increases the strength parameters of the fronts.

The use of thermoplastic films from the PREMIER MATT line makes the surface extremely easy to clean, and any minor scratches and mechanical damage that arise as a result of use can be easily ‘healed’ at home. We wrote more about the advantages of the vacuum technology and PREMIER MATT here: Vacuum technology in the production of PREMIER MATT fronts. Meet the solution that combines modernity and functionality.

diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco

Furniture Diamonds 2022

Another important distinction

At Melaco, we have been combining modern solutions with functionality and interesting design for many years. We work with interior architects, furniture designers, manufacturers and wholesalers, constantly tracking the industry as well as the expectations and needs of end users.

Read also: Melaco with the FSC Furniture Award 2021!

Therefore, we are all the more pleased with the award in the competition organized by the Meble.pl publishing house and the prestige associated with receiving this important award. We hope that thanks to this we will be able to reach an even wider group of manufacturers and architects with our modern technologies, thus delivering high-quality furniture to end consumers.

We would like to thank both the jury of the competition and all those who contributed to it: our employees, partners and clients. We are glad that we can influence the shape of the industry in Poland and abroad. The next Diamond of Furniture Industry will certainly motivate us to continue our work and to constantly improve our products and technologies.

diamenty meblarstwa 2022 trójwymiarowe fronty meblowe melafol melaco


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